By: Jacob Asparian

Market #'s April 2019


When we look at the total number of new listings that came to market in Durham Region in April 2019, we had almost 2,000. That’s almost a 4.5% increase from a year ago. Whitby is the leader of the pack with 19% from a year ago and Clarington is down almost a full percent when it comes to new listings that came to market.
Total number of sales in Durham Region has actually cracked the thousand mark and is at 1,075. This is a 15% increase from 2018, which is great news. Ajax leads the way with almost a 25% increase in total number of sales that they saw a year ago. Clarington is at the very bottom with an increase of just 2.5% from last year.
When we look at average sales price, what is really at the end of the day what most people care about, the average sales price is $612,195 for Durham Region. That is a 0.5% increase from a year ago. This is not shocking; this is actually good news. What this means is we’re noticing that the prices have stabilized. You’re going to see seasonal changes month over month, but a $612,000 average sales prices in Durham Region is extremely healthy.

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