Do You Really Need An Open House?

By: Jacob Asparian

Do You Really Need An Open House?

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Open houses are just one part of a multi-faceted plan that good realtors use, which also includes things like video, internet, and print advertising. Although an open house sign can generate a lot of traffic in and out of the home, sometimes it can attract some nosey neighbours and less serious buyers. However, it’s important not to let the idea of Fred and Ethel snooping around your home get in the way of holding an open house. And while readily available online data can help a buyer make a decision before they even step foot inside, there are many reasons why open houses work and why you should consider it.
Let’s start with the fact that your agent who is hosting the open house can get first-hand feedback of what purchasers really think. This can help give valuable insight into what people like, didn’t like (or absolutely hated), and what their expectations are for that specific type of home.
Aside from your agent being able to receive real-time feedback, another reason to host an open house is because many potential buyers who have seen the home with their agent during the week may return to the home. They might decide to bring their family or friends with them the second time to get another opinion. This time can also be used to answer all of their questions or to convince them about the area.
Moreover, if your home has great features like an open floor plan, high ceilings, lots of square footage, or a combination of all three, holding an open house can highlight these positive aspects. If you’ve recently renovated, an open house is also a good opportunity for people to see the details up close and personal.
When it comes right down to it, anything done to expose a listing is good. Again, the open house is just another marketing tool that can be used to sell your home to the right person and is a good way to generate excitement, especially if the home shows really well. So, before you dismiss the idea altogether, consider these points and trust your realtor if they suggest an open house for your home – you never know who will stop by!
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