Do Emojis Belong on Buildings?

By: Jacob Asparian

Do Emojis Belong on Buildings?

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It’s 2017 and it’s safe to say that almost everyone and their grandmother now owns a smartphone. For better or worse, they’re here to stay and with them comes the emoji. Ubiquitous, universal, and effectively delightful, the little pictographs that you use to punctuate your text messages have now made their way into – wait for it – architecture.
While architects and designers throughout the ages have always gilded the lily, often ornamenting buildings with the likes of gargoyles, fleur de lis, and more recently, Disney’s Seven Dwarfs, people (mainly other designers) are not happy about architect Changiz Tehrani’s choice to adorn the façade of an apartment building in the Dutch town of Vathorst with, you guessed it, emojis.
In an interview with Wired magazine, Tehrani explains how he landed on this highly contemporary motif, “Because the building is very strong, even severe, we wanted some funniness to lighten it up.”
While Tehrani may not be violating any copyrights by liberating the emojis from the WhatsApp library, some feel as though his design will date itself quickly and that incorporating a fad into the building takes away from the more serious aspects of architecture as an art form.
What do you think – was this a terrible idea? Or should architects and designers not take themselves too seriously in our modern age?
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Photo by: Bart Van Hoek / Attika Architekten

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